Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google to allow businesses to analyse their business website data, all in one place. Follow the steps below to create your Google Analytics Property & connect it to Shopify Site:

A) Connect Google Analytics to Shopify Site

STEP 1: Go to your Google Analytics account & Create new property. You can have more than one property under an account, for example multiple sites under a business. Each property can have multiple 'Views' as well.
STEP 2: Make sure you select 'Create a Universal Analytics property'. Indicate your website URL & proceed to next.
STEP 3: Copy the Global Site Tag (Tracking Code)
STEP 4: Paste it under the 'Google Analytics' column under your Shopify 'Online Store' > 'Preferences' section
STEP 5: Make sure you enable the 'Ecommerce' setting under the Property's View in Google Analytics. Allow for an approximately 24 hours for Google to update the site data.