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The restriction of having one link on the Instagram bio became a hassle for marketers to keep updating the bio link manually whenever there are multiple events or campaigns to announce through the organic post within the same period of time. Therefore, using the 'Link in Bio' tool allows us to insert multiple links on the Instagram bio became a common practice in Instagram Marketing. Below is a brief comparison between 4 'Link in Bio' tools that are available in the Apple App Store (Except

As you can see from the word cloud, there are a couple of highlights from the topic of discussion:

  1. is the most favourable

In fact, that is the first multiple links tool that I have been using and I also appreciate the free professional (PRO) plan upgrade for charitable organisations. It is widely recommended by many social media experts and you may refer to one of the reference articles from 'AdEspresso by Hootsuite'.

  1. Simple & free

Most of the tools allow you to create an account anytime and start using it without committing to any paid plan. The user interface is simple and easy to use. If you want to customise the page design in accordance with your brand guideline and enjoy advanced analytics insights, you can choose to upgrade to the PRO plan in

  1. Microsite for business

With the multiple cards design from Milkshake, it serves as more than a tool for multiple links presentation, but also a microsite for business that allows you to convey your brand story, showcase the recommended products, as well as display promotional videos. Recently, also introduced a partnership with a print-on-demand service provider to allow customers to shop within

  1. Spam & data security

With the rising demand for 'Link in Bio' tools, there are lots of options available in the app store and it is hard for any individual or business to choose the best options and prevent fraudulent cases. One of the trainees has also raised the data security concern in regards to InstaBio from an online article. Hence, it is important for us to understand the app developer/ company background to ensure the trustworthiness of the tools.


  • Article published in LinkedIn profile (2021), updated copy in June 2022.