An Overview of Social Media Marketing Tools


Can we manage the social media platforms without tools? YES! Of course, we can. However, if you are managing multiple social media platforms at the same time, you may want to check out some management tools to make your life easier! Take a look at the comparison below (Explore GetApp for Softwares recommendation):

The first social media management tool that I used was Hootsuite, where you can manage the private inbox & public comments from various social media platforms within one dashboard. On top of that, we can also plan & schedule the organic social media content in one place. Brand mention monitoring is available but restricted to Facebook & Twitter, and hashtag monitoring is also available only for Instagram.

Mention & SemRush provide you with similar publishing features for multiple social media platforms but they both offer a better experience in competitor’s performance tracking. Competitive analysis reports are easily obtained from both Mention & SemRush including audience size, publishing trends, most engaging content, common hashtags, and more.

Since Instagram has recently announced that all published videos on the platform are considered as Reels, hence you can schedule Reels in advance as well with the publishing tools but you will have to create the Reels & save them as a media file for scheduling. If you are looking for a tool to include TikTok post scheduling, you may check out Later. BUT, if you are only focusing on Facebook & Instagram, the latest update on Meta Business Suite is really awesome too where you can enjoy the ‘Content Inspiration’ + ‘Mentions & Tags’ features in one dashboard. You can also respond & repost the UGC (Only for - Share to Instagram Stories) when reviewing the mentions & tags.

Well, if you want to get a taste of social search with sentiment analysis & trending topics, check out the free tools from Talkwalker. Sometimes, you may experience insufficient data when the free plan (Free plan only limit to past 7 days of data search & limited data source) but it’s still useful for us to explore some content inspiration.

Lastly, the price comparison is as below:

  • You may find some on-demand learning courses on Social Media Marketing from AirAsia Academy too